Progressing to a US degree at James Madison ISC


Going to study abroad at a university in USA is a life-changing experience for international students around the world. Studying in America for a bachelor’s or master’s degree opens up many exciting opportunities in the international business world. Students appreciate the education offered by universities in the USA because of the wide exposure to world-class facilities, top-rated teachers, varied extracurricular activities and internship opportunities that are a part of the US university education system.

Apart from the educational advantage for international students from across the globe, a university degree from USA also exposes students to cultural diversity and teaches them the important lessons of being independent and self-sufficient.

International students on campus at James Madison University

International students outside Memorial Hall - home of the ISC

Our students at the James Madison University International Study Center (ISC) share their experience about life as an international student at the best public university in southern USA. Follow this blog to learn about life on campus, US university programs and events, choosing your degree programs and majors, improving English language skills, learning about American culture, how to write academic research papers, things to do in Washington DC, travelling around the US and much more!

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