My Dormitory Life

There is lot of changes in my life since I came to US. One of the big change is that I am living in the dormitory and share the room with roommate. First I was concerned about what if my roommate steals my stuff and invades my privacies and so on. I thought how can I live with total strangers and share the room. Even sharing the room with closest friends there are conflicts and annoying things happen because of different lifestyle. And for me I have to live with different nation, language and don’t know exactly what kind of person she is. On the other hand I think positively: if I share the room and stay all day with her then we become closer and closer and we can be  best friends with each other. 

With two sides of my mind I finally got to the room, and noticed my roommate was Chinese. I was really glad, because I expected that my roommate would be Asian like Japanese or Chinese. I thought living with Asian is more comfortable to adjust because we have more in common than non-Asians. Fortunately the thing what I worried about like stealing my things or invading my privacies did not happen at all. However there are, of course, some uncomfortable situation has occurred. For example we are sharing the bathroom so if someone is using then I have to wait for my turn until she gets out. It is not a big of the deal when I’m in normal situation but when I need to be in hurry it will be annoying. And another thing is when the bed time. Roommate and I have different sleep time so if I get to bed earlier than my roommate I have to leave the lights on because she is still in desk. Adversely, if she get in bed earlier than me I have to be careful about my behavior not to disturb her sleeping. Not only these things but also there are lot of things to consider such as opening the widows, turn the airconditioner, watching movies, talking on the phone, cleaning the rooms and so on.

It is not just my own place so I can’t act and stay as I am in alone. I have to regard my roommate’s situation and what she will think. I think that is the way not to make conflicts. And another way to avoid the conflict is talk directly what I don’t like about it and what I want my roommate should fix. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that because I thought if I tell her about that then it will cause more serious conflicts. But I realized that if you don’t have those conversations with then it can cause emotional conflict in myself about my roommate. So it is right way to talk to each other.

Sometimes I want to be alone in room. For me I like to stay alone in the room and feel free. I restrict in my behavior when someone is with me and that is different from what I am really like when alone. And I think everybody has different aspects from social aspects and the aspects when you are alone. Sometimes I want leave out and feel free but when I am in room that time are not allowed because of roommate. So to be honest, at that point I didn’t really enjoy a lot living with my roommate. So sometimes I considered living off campus.

But now my roommate move to another room and I am staying in the room by myself.  First time I was good but I getting feel like I’m in the island of silos. We had a chat and sometimes we order a delivery foods and eat together and go to restaurant to eat, go to shopping. Although I did not feel comfortable, we stayed with each other long time and we can observe each other’s feelings. The other day I was suffering from the homesickness, I didn’t told about it but my roommate recognized what I felt and she encourage me and I feel thankful to know about that. And now I really miss my roommate. Without family and friends in strange place, roommate can be a good friend if I made a good relationship with her. Now I regret that I didn’t try actively to get close with her.

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